Spotless 1.1 Torrent Free Download


Spotless Torrent auto-tidy elegant function observes the files you dragged (or programmed) and if you find any kind of file you have not met before, asked what to do with them. In the blink of an eye, Spotless has learned what to do with your files, so putting in order is simply a case of dragging and dropping.

Spotless 1.1 Torrent For Mac

In the first release, Spotless can guide you through a few simple screens that make it very easy to have your Desktop and Downloads folder (Desktop and Downloads folders), the most common ‘paper’, in perfect condition.

spotless torrent

The easiest way to start organizing your files is to drag and drop. No matter how deeply buried that is in a folder structure, you can easily organize files by dragging them to the menu bar. Drop Target and Spotless will ask what to do with them.

Would not it be great if your folders are sprucing up? Well … with automation, They Can! After creating a task, you can tell Spotless that run automatically whenever you want; It sets the day, time and when repeated. It’s like having the maid clean up after you.


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